When I was in 4th grade I got made fun of my hairy arms and I was reall self-conscious of them and in 5th grade people started calling me monkey boy and i was so tired of it that I shaved my arms. My parents were so angry and they said boys don’t shave their arms. And I never told anyone but I was really confused because the outside world told me it was bad to have hair and my inside told me it was good.

  #I always feel for people who get made fun of body hair :(  
The pashto post means.. You are a very handsome man and I really do like your blog.


Awee. There’s this one Pashto girl I would wish this would come from *heart eyes emojis*

what kind of jobs could you get from a communications degree? I'm curious bc it's sounds interesting


Basically anything you want. You can go into film, advertising, PR, any office job, literally there are so many fields you can get into I can’t even decide which to write down! Do some simple google research yo and I guarantee there will be something you like on that list. (Unless you wanna be like a mathematician, or doctor then ya better study those subject lol)

Bro i wax down there and it hurts like a mofo



What lead u to do communications?


I did speech and debate from 8th grade. I did it through high school, and 3 years of community. I also coached a high school team for 4 years. So when I joined it in community college, it was part of he communications department. And in college you are really doing more communications with aspects of having an argument for everything you did. I did an event called communication analysis which really got me into the world of communications, where I would discuss different comm models and comm theories. I used my knowledge from culture classes ( I was an anthropology major at one point so I had a lot of knowledge in that field) and my knowledge from models and theories to become a prize winning impromptu speaker where I’m given 1:30 minutes to make a 5:30 minute speech. And then I did a lot of interpretation speeches where I took literature and acted them out based on an argument. A few I’ve done were “make body issues and it’s lack of coverage in media” “the destruction of culture based on media perception: example stereotyping Italians based jersey shore, and importance of saying names correctly. I’ve also done informative and persuasive speeches about topics like the bios urn and it’s cultural idea of death, and revenge porn and how we need to have stronger legislation a against it. (Woah, this turned out longer then expected. Sorry)

Nope, not Urdu. Pukhto :)


Oh woops! I knew I didn’t understand anything of it lol. Sorry I speak Urdu/punjabi

Do you speak any Arabic at all?


Yes. I know a few words. 3ard (floor), hamam (bathroom), warda (flower), difda3 (frog). you could say I’m pretty advanced in my Arabic

I waxed my own chest/torso once. OMG it was so painful. So whenever a girl tells me she waxes her arms or legs. Straight standing ovation for you. Honey you’re a warrior

Ta der Khkule narina ye aw zama Staso blog der Ziyat khuakh de :p


Sorry idk if this is some weird Urdu dialect?? Idk???

What's zabiha halal?


Zabiha halal is like the proper way of eating halal meat. So slaughtering in the name of God. Halal is just chicken, beef, goat, whatever meat you can get anywhere

In 9th grade me and my best friend made this list of everyone in our grade. Some groups were weird guys, the brotherhood, Savannah’s girls, popular girls, rejected popular girls, drifters, weird bros, popular Koreans, out casted Koreans, the flips. And we gave descriptions and population size of each groups. And apparently the list went around our grade and people got upset about it but nobody found out it was us. It was straight up burn book, mean girls status

Yo tonight it’s going down. We going hard. Getting tumblr turnt on a Wednesday night. Goin big and not going home. What’s up. Send some anons. Ask for some stories. Let remember some crazy af stuff. Leggo. Ibrahim 6.0. It’s happenin WHATSUP lil mama Leggo

So I’ve gotten 24 messages. All about my hair or about in n out. I don’t think I’ll publish the anons and I’ll possibly respond to the non anons. Sorry I feel lame having the same conversation with 12 different ppl people. Sorry if I don’t answer yours right away or ever T_T

So I've been talking to this girl for a while and I want to take it to the next step because I feel bad talking to her without her parent's knowledge. I want to start things off right but dun know how to tell her. What should I do? I know she sees a future with me, we've discussed such matters. I just don't know what steps to take.


Talk to your parents and then talk to her parents. And then have your parents talk. I’ve never done this so I can only tell you advice from other people’s stories I’ve heard

get a buzz cut instead of a shave next time, and keep some more hair on your stache + chin (not necessarily super thick) and I think you'll be able to work it pretty well. It could be worse if that's any consolation.


Lol na. I’m not gonna buzz/shave. This was just for fun and for the sake of yolo. I can style myself thank you very much